About Me

Mimi - Mimi's Fit FoodsI am a Nutrition, Health, & Fitness coach.  I love to help people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.  I have been assisting others in their healthy journeys for more than 13 years now.  It was 14 years ago that I had an intense desire to figure out the science of my own body to achieve the body I had always wanted.  It was hard, but I stuck to a healthy program. . . losing fat (not lean muscle mass) and found myself in a new body that I didn’t even realize I could have!  (Years later I was officially diagnosed with PCOS. . .which contributes to obesity in many people.)  Ever since then I have been hooked on fitness and staying healthy FOREVER.  I have NO desire to ever find that “old” body of mine again.  Because of that, I also find pure enjoyment in helping others find the same happiness (found in all sorts of forms) I discovered years ago.  We all deserve to feel good, look good, and enjoy life to the extent that we desire. . .right!?

Coupled with my desire to stay fit (and teach others to do the same), I also happen to enjoy good tasting food!  I have always had a passion for cooking and have found ways to experience full flavor meals containing appropriate macronutrient levels (proteins, carbohydrates, & fats). . .without all the fat and calories.  I am so excited to share this with all of you!  Most of the recipes that I post can be adjusted by you to accommodate for your nutritional needs.  If you know you need more/less protein or carbohydrates, you can adjust most recipes accordingly.  (If you’re not sure what you should be eating. . .read on!)

A BONUS to all my readers!!  If I’m not working with you already, I am offering you a free fitness evaluation!  If you have any interest in finding out your body fat percentage (as it relates to your weight) and then understanding what you’ll need to do to get to your goal. . .send me an email (mimisfitfoods@gmail.com).  I’ll make time for you.

Here’s to helping you along your journey to a healthier lifestyle!


P.S.  And, for something a little more personal . . . My husband and I recently welcomed our first little baby into our home.  We are filled to the brim with joy!