Chicken and Tabouli Gyros

Chicken and Tabouli Gyros | Mimi's Fit Foods

As promised . . . here’s a yummy and healthy idea of ways to use that delicious Whole Wheat Flatbread!  These Gyros are sooooooo easy and they taste great.  All you do is make the Quinoa Tabouli, whip up some Whole Wheat Flatbread, throw in some shredded chicken, and you’ve got yourself a delicious Gyro!

Like I’ve mentioned several times before, I love cooking up a big batch of shredded chicken in my slow cooker so I can assemble meals at the drop-of-a-hat.  That’s what I had done here.  I had made the Quinoa Tabouli the day before, I already had shredded chicken sitting in my fridge, so really all I had to do for dinner was make the flatbread.

These taste super fresh and they’re very filling.  The only thing I think that would make these even better would be to add Tzatziki (you can make your own or buy it).  If you can spare a few extra calories, add it in!  It would take these from delicious to super delicious!

Chicken and Tabouli Gryos
Serves 1
This shows how to put a wrap together for one person, but you can easily multiply the recipe.
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  1. 1 Whole Wheat Flatbread
  2. 1/4 cup Quinoa Tabouli
  3. 3 ounces cooked and shredded chicken breast
  4. Tzatziki, optional
  1. To assemble place shredded chicken down the center of the flatbread. Evenly top with Quinoa Tabouli. If desired, top Tabouli with Tzatziki. You can either fold in the sides of the flatbread and roll it up. Or, you can fold it half like a taco. Enjoy!
  2. Serves 1 (but can easily be multiplied).
Nutritional Information per Gyro
  1. 279.3 Calories | 25g Protein | 32.7g Carbs | 6.8g Fat | 4.6g Fiber | 3.2g Sugars
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