Work With Me

I love collaborating and working with various companies and brands.  There are many ways and opportunities we can work together to promote your brand, business, website, etc.  Here are a few ways we can work together, but I’m always open to additional suggestions.  Collaboration is so fun!

Recipe Development:  I love creating new recipes using a specific brand or product.  When doing so, I’ll blog the recipe and reference the brand/product used.  Contact me to start working with your brand/product. 

Giveaways and Product Reviews:  If you have a product that is complimentary to Mimi’s Fit Foods and my readers (food, nutrition, fitness, wellness, etc.), please contact me!  I love to offer my genuine opinion to my readers on products that I would sincerely use.  I can either sponsor a giveaway and/or host a review.  Please note that I do not guarantee to write a review on every product I receive.  

Company/Brand Events & Conferences:  Are you planning a press trip or have a Company or Brand event/conference coming up?  I would love to attend and share what I learn and experience with my readers.  I’m looking to develop long-term relationships with companies/brands and would love the opportunity to work with you in this manner.

Email me at and let’s team up!


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