Lose Weight/Get Fit

One of my greatest passions is to help others achieve their personal health, weight loss, and fitness goals.  I do not suggest dieting, but merely changing to a lifestyle (that you can enjoy!) that will provide the benefit of staying at a healthy goal weight for life!  I teach people the truth about weight loss and fitness and help them jump off the dieting roller coaster for good!  I have helped numerous people transform their bodies, and thus their lifestyle, to something that stays forever.  I  help people lose weight, build muscle, achieve personal records at fitness/racing events, balance hormones (including those diagnosed with PCOS), lower blood pressure, control blood sugars (including those with diabetes), and much more!  So, whatever your goals may be….I would be happy to assist you in your journey to achieve them!

Because this is a lifestyle change, I individualize every program for every person.  Each one of us is a built differently….requiring different calorie counts, macronutrient guidelines (proteins, carbohydrates, fats), and exercise regimens to be successful.  Have you ever wondered why a certain diet worked for your best friend, but it didn’t work for you?  Well, it’s because you’re two different and unique people!  I design a program that includes nutrition and exercise for each individual person.   This program is built around your likes and dislikes (in food and exercise).  If we want this to be a lifestyle, then we need to make sure we feed you foods you like (not foods you’ll gag down for a period of time and then never look at again) and provide exercise you enjoy.

A BONUS To All My Readers
If I’m not working with you already, I am offering you a free fitness evaluation!  If you have any interest in finding out your body fat percentage (as it relates to your weight) and then understanding what you’ll need to do to get to your goal…..send me an email (mimisfitfoods@gmail.com).  I’ll make time for you.

Here’s to helping you along your journey to a healthier lifestyle!


For more inspiration, feel free to browse through some of my success stories.


4 thoughts on “Lose Weight/Get Fit

  1. Erin Nielsen says:

    Hi Emily,
    I’m really interested in learning more about your program. I love your “nondieting” philosophy. It was fun seeing you guys tonight.

    • Mimi says:

      Hi Erin! Good to see you guys too!! Send me an email and we can chat further. We can even set up a time for a free evaluation if you want! You can reach me at mimisfitfoods(at)gmail(dot)com.

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