Friday Feature: Cookbook Recommendation for ATK’s Healthy Family Cookbook

Since you are on my blog, then I suppose it is safe to assume that you are looking for healthy recipes.  Well, for now, this is one of my most VERY favorite finds.  The America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) and Cook’s Illustrated rarely let me down.  They put their recipes through extreme testing to find the very best ingredients and methods for turning out the best dishes. This cookbook is loaded with delicious recipes and I have yet to try one that I don’t like!  That is a a bonus!  Besides that (as if that isn’t enough), I love several other features of this awesome cookbook.

  • It includes all the nutritional information for every recipe.  An obvious win in my book!
  • It is spiral-bound which makes it super easy to flip through.  This also allows the book to lay flat on my countertop.  Sweet!
  • Because of the amount of testing that is put into each recipe, it clearly states if there is an ingredient that should not be substituted or the quality of the dish will be diminished.  I love this because I am constantly tempted to use lower fat milks, less oils, etc., but when ATK says, “Don’t even think about it!” . . . I do my best to refrain from such measures and follow their advice.
  • The photos of the food are lovely and helpful!
  • This cookbook includes tips and techniques on how to do various things (how to slice garlic, how to scramble eggs, the best way to store lettuce, hod to shred beef & chicken, etc.).  In many instances, it provides step-by-step photos on such techniques.
  • There are “Makeover Spotlights” in the book where they explain how they took an original version of a recipe and then made it healthier.
  • There are section divider tabs which make it super easy to flip to the category you are interested in at any particular moment.
  • It includes product reviews.  ATK tests many brands of products and this cookbook spits out the brands they find to be the best.  The product reviews are typically found near recipes that contain that particular product.  Awesome!

You’ll find that I will reference some of my recipe posts back to this cookbook because I am constantly cooking out of it!  (Like these kabobs, for instance.)  If you want any additional healthy recipe ideas, this is a cookbook I never hesitate to recommend.  It is awesome!  (By the way . . . This post was not sponsored in any way by ATK.  All of these opinions are indeed mine.)


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