Live From Hawaii


So, you will notice that there will be a slight slow down in recipe posts this week.  I’m blaming it all on my awesome vacation to Hawaii!!  I’ve been having so much fun basking in the sun, playing in the ocean, spending time with my family, and visiting some of my favorite hot spots on Oahu.  I suppose you might understand why I haven’t gotten around to the usual recipe posts this week.  Everyone deserves a vacation, right!?  Among several fun things I’ve been doing, I’m boogie boarding with my nephew Nic (he’s my little buddy here on this trip) in the picture above.  We tried to catch as many waves together as we possibly could – and did so with GREAT success!  After catching dozens of waves, we both decided we were worn out and would try to catch one more.  With it being our last one of the day we both agreed that it HAD to be a good one.  So, we waited for the perfect wave and, as luck would have it, we didn’t catch that wave . . . it caught us!  It sucked us both under, sent our boogie boards flying in the air, and we tumbled under the water for a few seconds before we could find which way was up.  That’s what we got for wanting to end the day on a HIGH note (or should I say a high wave?)!  Don’t worry!  We didn’t allow ourselves to go out like that and we did eventually catch a good wave back into shore.

Waiting for the Perfect Wave

Of course, that is just part of my adventure here on the island of Hawaii.  Stay tuned as I plan to share more details (especially as it relates to nutrition and fitness) in a later post.

Until then . . . keep eating right and get your exercise in!  I’ll be dreaming of you all as I spend my last few days in paradise.

Hugs to you all!


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