New Year, New You!

The biggest holiday season of the year is over and a new year has begun!  How many of you are setting New Year’s resolutions?  Did you know (I’m sure you definitely won’t be surprised by this) that health and/or fitness is always among the top 5 resolutions set by Americans?  If you’re like most of us, something health/fitness related will be included in your resolutions this year.

To no surprise, I totally encourage this!  There’s always something we can do better (I’m totally going to improve my running pace this year).  However, wouldn’t it be nice to be at your goal weight so that your resolution isn’t always to lose weight?  Make this YOUR year to get where you’ve always wanted to be.  Do it the right way by improving your lifestyle (PLEASE . . . .  I beg of you – no crash diets, my friends!).  Make a permanent change.  While the gift giving season has passed, you should now consider giving yourself the best gift ever . . . better health and a better life.  You can read more about my philosophy on this subject here.  If I’m not already working with you, feel free to contact me for additional information or for a free fitness evaluation.  Helping others achieve their goals and change their lifestyle is what I LOVE.

I know that a lot of you are already making plans to improve your health because my blog posts had record viewing yesterday.  I’m THRILLED to know that you’re planning some healthy meals for the new year.  I’m jumping right in with you and will be back to regular posting of more delicious and healthy recipes.

So, here’s to a New Year & a New You!


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