Friday Feature: Success Story – Alicia

You ready for a success story that will blow your socks off (or at least motivate you to try a little harder)?  Meet my friend Alicia!  This girl is incredible and she has completely changed her life in ways that she never thought she could.  I have enjoyed going through her weight-loss journey with her because she not only changed her body composition, but a new-found confidence now shines through and she’s one awesome woman!

With her consent, she has allowed me to share her story with you.  She’s struggled with her weight ever since she was a teenager.  She continued to gain weight and before she knew it she was over 300 pounds.  She ached with almost every move.  She had reached a point where she was was so uncomfortable with the way she felt, she knew she needed to make a change.  Thus, she started to make a change and lost 20 pounds on her own before she allowed me to jump on her journey.  She was skeptical with me at first because she hadn’t really had much success over the years, but after the first two weeks of great losses . . . she claims she was hooked!  I was hooked working with her because she followed her plan to perfection, had the drive, and thus she produced fabulous results.

Her pictures tell a lot of her story, but here are a few of her stats:

  • She dropped over 107 pounds (that’s practically a whole person)!
  • She dropped over 17% in body fat!
  • She melted a total of 64.75 inches off her body (that’s over 5 feet, people)!

Now, isn’t that inspiring!?  You want to take a double take, don’t you?  You can . . . check out the pictures!

Alicia was nice to share the following with me.
“I love meeting with you every Monday and I find myself on Sunday looking forward to it!  Even when it has been a rough week I still look forward to Mondays, and yes, I would be lying if I said there weren’t rough weeks involved in this process.  That being said, this has been the easiest weight loss journey I have taken.  I never dreamed that I would be 110 lbs less than I was before, but I am!  I love how I feel and look now!”

I love this girl and I’m so thankful she allowed me to share in her experience.  She is a beautiful person and I’m still impressed with her ability to accomplish what she did.  She inspires me and continues to inspire many others around her.  I hope her story has inspired you too.


9 thoughts on “Friday Feature: Success Story – Alicia

  1. Malinda says:

    Congratulations, you did what you thought would be impossible but you made it look so easy by following what Em told you to do and her great advice to succeed. It was a long treacherous path to take and you went in it full speed ahead with no hesitation.Your dedication paid off! You are the woman that leads to success. Your pictures show how amazing you look. Great Job! There is hope at the end of the tunnel for all of you out there that want to change the way you look today. Don’t wait!

  2. A says:

    Congratulations, Alicia, on your successes! And congrats to you too, Em, on helping another person achieve her goals. You have a gift for what you do!!

  3. Alicia says:

    For those of you thinking its a New Year, time for a change! Do it! Meet with Emilee it is possible. Invest in your future! I have learned so much about myself and my body, food, nutrition and so much more. The knowledge I have gained is priceless! How I feel I can’t even put into words. I look at those pictures and can hardly believe where I am at! I didn’t even set a goal because I didn’t believe one was possible. So Emilee set one and I met it. So 5 months in I decided to set one and not just one I would be happy with. One I knew I would have to work for. But I am not done. This year I am going for another 20 lbs! I am smaller now then I was in High School. I feel fantastic and better then I ever have. Thanks Emilee for helping me change my life and giving me the future I never thought I would have. I played basket ball last night and was the first one down the court. I can’t belive how good that felt!

  4. Alicia says:

    Shannie dare to dream the impossible! You can do anything if you want it bad enough, nothing is to hard! I didn’t dare imagine until I met with Emilee. Thanks Em for helping me dream the impossible. I wouldn’t be here without you. Bonus for me, I made an awesome new friend!

  5. Shannie says:

    Oh, my word! Alicia – you look AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Seeing your pictures and reading about your experience gives me courage to start my journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Emilee – you are so great to work with! I can’t wait to feel (and look!!) like Alicia. I can do hard things, right?

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