Friday Feature – Success Story: Jennifer

I haven’t done a “Friday Feature” post for the past few weeks, so wouldn’t you say we’re due for one today?  And, wouldn’t you agree that some of the most fun “Friday Feature” posts are success stories?  So would I!  I want to share another one with you today!  This is one where my client wasn’t even local.  Like, I’m talking she doesn’t even live in the country! Thus, we “met” on a weekly basis via Skype or phone calls.

Meet my beautiful friend Jennifer.  Jen and I have been friends for just about 10 years now.  Among a gazillion things, during those 10 years we’ve both seen each other graduate from school, get married, and start families.  Jen is married to a super awesome guy who has a super cool job that allows them to live in foreign countries.  Jen currently lives in the Philippines. Yep, the Philippines!

She had her sweet baby boy just over one year ago.  She was struggling with getting her pregnancy weight off and so we teamed up to see what we could do.  We “met” every week on Skype to keep her program right where it needed to be.

Needless to say (because the pictures pretty much tell you what happened) we did it with smashing success.  Her pictures tell a lot of her story, but here are a few of her stats:

  • She dropped 15 fat pounds!
  • She dropped over 6.5% in body fat!
  • She melted a total of 18.5 inches off her body!

Now, isn’t that inspiring!?  I mean, she wasn’t huge to begin with and she went from lean to much leaner!  You want to take a double take, don’t you?  You can . . . check out the pictures!

Nutrition and Fitness Program, Lose Weight

And . . . Here’s her “sexy” side view.

Belly fat . . . GONE (plus smaller & toned legs and arms)!  You wouldn’t even know this girl had a baby unless you could see him yourself (oh, and you should because he is absolutely adorable)!  Jen sent me a nice email when she officially wrapped up her program.  She said, “Em, thank you for helping me to accomplish my goals. This is not the first time you have been a positive force in my life and I am grateful not only for this but for what a great friend you are!!”

She also told me that everywhere she goes the locals will tell her she is “sexy” because they say sexy like we might use the term “hot” here in America.  My favorite part about this is that Jen usually says, “Thank You!” because she worked hard to get these results, therefore she gladly takes the compliment.

I must brag about Jen and her journey because she accomplished these results by not only living in a foreign country, but by traveling home to America and making a trip to Hong Kong (Disneyland) while on her program.  And, you guessed it; she still lost weight!  It’s possible, it really is possible.  I’m SUPER excited because Jen is coming back home to America for a couple of months this summer and we’re planning on running a half marathon together.  Oh, how sweet that will be.

I pretty much L.O.V.E. my job!


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