Friday Feature – Success Story: Belinda

New Year, New You?

It’s a new year and I know a lot of people like to set weight loss goals right now.  So, I figured it would be fun to offer a Friday Feature that included a success story!

Meet my friend Belinda.  She is pretty darn awesome!  She decided that she didn’t want to wake up old and unhealthy one day, so she decided to take care of business now!  Belinda is a BUSY woman.  She’s a mom with VERY BUSY kiddos, she works full time, and still managed to figure out how to fit a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and nutrition into her life.  Anyone can do it if they TRULY want to, right!?

Needless to say (because the pictures pretty much tell you what happened) we did it with smashing success.  Her pictures tell a lot of her story, but here are a few of her stats:

  • She dropped 57 fat pounds!
  • She dropped over 17.3% in body fat!
  • She melted a total of 42 inches off her body!

If that doesn’t inspire you to want to shape up this year, then I don’t know what will!! You want to take a double take, don’t you?  You can . . . check out the pictures!

Mimi's Fit Foods

I love seeing the slimming effect through her mid-section!  Plus, look at those hot, sexy legs!  Belinda sent me a nice email when she officially wrapped up her program.  She said, “This program has taught me to do what is necessary to remain healthy.  I gained muscle tone and I can wear the same size I did in high school and am healthier than I have ever been at 46!  I feel better than I have in forever!”

Belinda is a champ.  She took the challenge to lose the weight the right way . . . through exercise and proper nutrition.  She pretty much rocks!

I think I’ve said it before, but I really L.O.V.E. my job!
If you’re looking for a little extra help and guidance with a program that is specifically tailored to your individual body, feel free to visit my Lose Weight/Get Fit page and/or contact me for more information.  I would love to help in any way I can.  Let’s make 2013 a good and  healthy year to remember!


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