Eggs In a [Love] Shape

Eggs In a Shape-Mimi's Fit Foods

Well, today’s post isn’t really a recipe, but it does offer a fun idea for Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to totally revolve around candy and chocolate.  I think this is a fun and simple way to start off the morning for anyone you love.  It makes the every-day toast and eggs seem special.  In fact, I made these for Beau before he went to work and when he walked in the kitchen and saw his breakfast he couldn’t help but smile.  Love does that to you, you know!

Really, all you do is take a heart cookie cutter (or you can just cut the bread with a knife), and cut the shape out of the center of a slice of whole wheat bread.  You heat your nonstick skillet over low-medium heat, spray a little cooking spray in there, and put your bread in the skillet.  I like to toast one side before I add the egg.  So, I toast one side, flip it over, and then add my egg to the hole in the center.  As you can see, this particular egg was done sunny side up.  However, you can cook your egg in any style  you prefer.  I made Beau’s with a sunny side up egg and I made mine with scrambled.  It’s easy-peasy.  If you do scrambled (or over-medium, etc.), then you’ll want to flip your toast back over to cook the other side a little bit.  But, I generally let the egg cook almost all the way through on the one side and when I flip it, it only has to cook for a smidge longer.

If you’re a perfectionist (kind of like I am at times), then here’s a fancy trick to make sure that your yolk ends up in the middle of your shape (because you know that when you crack an egg in the pan sometimes that yolk just slides all the way over to one side).  Separate the yolk from the whites, scramble the whites just a little bit, then add the amount of whites you prefer, and then drop your yolk right in the middle.

You are free to season as you wish . . . salt, pepper, hot sauce, salsa, etc.  It might even be fun to throw a smidge of reduced fat, shredded cheese to a scrambled variation.  Hmmmm……

There you have it.  A “lovely” way to start off the morning without sacrificing calories or nutrition!  If you use one slice of whole wheat bread (approximately 100 calories) with one egg, you’re looking at only 175 calories.  I think I’ll have two then!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Eggs In a Shape1-Mimi's Fit Foods


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