Friday Feature: Savings on Healthy Stuff

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From time-to-time I like to share little tips with you that I think you might find helpful.  Today I want to share some of the awesome savings and sales I’m seeing on health and fitness stuff.  Who doesn’t love to find good deals?!

One of the excuses I hear often by people who don’t want to change their lifestyle is that it’s just too expensive to eat and live healthy.  I’m not here to tell you that it’s the MOST affordable lifestyle, but I can truly tell you that it’s possible to eat and live healthy in an affordable manner.  And, if you want to start adding up all the doctor visits/bills, hospital bills, medication, time missed from work for sick days, the money spent at restaurants, etc., it’s pretty easy to defend the side that healthy living is can be more affordable.  But, we can save all that for a different day.

Today, I want to share some deals I’m seeing RIGHT now on healthy stuff (of course these are deals I’m seeing in my area and some of the pricing could vary a little bit depending on where you live).  January is always a great month to stock up on or invest in healthy living.  Retailers know that most people set some sort of healthy resolution and we see healthy food and fitness products go on sale like crazy!  Of course, this list is not all-inclusive, but just know that if you’re looking for anything particular and you want to do a search for it . . . chances are that you’ll find a sale somewhere for it.

This week is Target’s “Get Fit Event” and they have a lot of fitness equipment, activewear, and healthy products on sale.   You can skim through the sale to see if there’s anything you need/want, but here are some of my favorites:

  • All C9 dumbbells are 20% off (I think they range from 2 lbs to 12 lbs).  You can save an EXTRA 20% off of that if you use Target Cartwheel.  (If you shop at Target and haven’t downloaded this app, you’re crazy!  Do it now.)
  • Several resistant bands and other workout equipment is on sale.
  • C9 Kettlebells are 20% off.
  • Lots of activewear is on sale.  If anyone in the family, including kids, need new workout gear, now’s the time to get it.
  • Most boxes of protein bars are on sale for $4.79 (boxes contain 5 or 6 bars).  In addition to this sale, if you buy 4 boxes, you’ll get a $5 target gift card . . . for free.  This makes the bars only $0.70 each (if you buy boxes of 5 bars).  Umm…..that’s awesome.

Pure Protein Bars on Amazon – 6 Bars for only $4.33:  You can get a 6-pack of Pure Protein Bars for only $4.33.  That’s only $0.72 per par.  In order to get the $4.33 price, you’ll need to be sure to clip the 20% off coupon located on the product page AND purchase the bars using the Subscribe & Save option located on the right hand side of the page.  After placing your order, wait until your order ships and then you can go into your Amazon Account page and cancel the order (just click on the “Manage Subscribe and Save link”).  Amazon prices can change at any time, so the deal with coupon can end soon.

There’s a sale on Zaycon All-Natural Chicken Breasts.  It’s only $1.89 per pound!  This is a great price for chicken, let alone chicken without added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.  You do have to buy a 40 lb box, but if you have room to freeze it . . . totally worth it!  You could also consider splitting it with someone.  You just go over to the Zaycon Foods page to register and it’ll tell you when and how it will be delivered or how you can pick it up.

Amazon is having a sale on Women’s New Balance Shoes.  Prices start around $22.  Head on over there if you love New Balance!  (Prices can change at any time on Amazon.)

Curves on Groupon:  You can purchase 5 classes at any Curves location for only $10.00.  That’s 74% off the regular price.  There are also options to purchase 10 workouts ($29) or 20 workouts ($39).  This is a great deal for anyone who has been wanting to try Curves out without committing to a long-term contract.  (Be sure to look through all the fine print on the deal to make sure you are okay with the terms and conditions and can activate and use the workouts in the time frames listed.)

Utah Golds on Groupon:  Gold’s Gym is up on Groupon right now and for a limited time you can purchase a one-month Gold’s Gym Membership for only $9.99 for 10 individual visits (including Group Fitness) for only $19.99.  That’s up to 90% off the regular price.  Utah locations that are participating in this deal include Orem, Bountiful, Taylorsville, Cedar City, Draper, Provo, South Jordan, Salt Lake, and St. George.  Again, a great deal for anyone wanting to give Gold’s Gym a try without committing to a long-term contract.  (Be sure to look through all the fine print on the deal to make sure you are okay with the terms and conditions and can activate and use the workouts in the time frames listed.)

Treadmills at Walmart as Low as $287:  Walmart has a sale on some treadmills right now.  Some of us don’t care how fancy the machine is, but just that we have place to run indoors when it’s too cold, the inversion is too bad, or for convenience due to other circumstances.  You can go check out all the treadmills online at Walmart and they even ship for free!

Healthy Finds In Costco’s Coupon Booklet (Ends January 26th):  Costco’s Coupon/Savings booklet is loaded with healthy finds.

  • Special K Cereal Bars-50 Count ($5 Off)
  • Special K Cereal ($2.50 Off)
  • Pure Protein Bars-18 Count ($4.50 Off)
  • Baked Lays-30 Count Variety Pack ($3.45 Off)
  • Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bars-16 Count ($3.30 Off)
  • Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt-18 Count ($4 Off)
  • SkinnyPop Popcorn ($1.50 Off)
  • Prego Heart Smart Sauce-2 Count ($2.30 Off)
  • Healthy Choice Chicken Soup-10 Count ($2.50 Off)
  • Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice-6 Count ($2.80 Off)
  • Hillshire Farm Deli Ultra Thin Turkey Breast-3 Count ($3 Off)
  • Jimmy Dean Delights-12 Count ($3 Off)
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich-12 Count ($2.30 Off)
  • Healthy Choice Fudge Bars-18 Count ($2.80 Off)
  • Muscle Milk-Several Varieties ($6.70 Off)
  • Combat Protein Powder ($9 Off)
  • Jalapeño Greek Yogurt Dip ($2 Off)
  • Countless Vitamins are also on Sale
  • You’ll also find fitness equipment on sale this month.  They have a nice-looking treadmill for only $699 shipped.

Fruits & Veggies:  This is just a general tip, but you’ll find that most in-season fruits and veggies tend to go on sale.  So, if you buy in-season, then you’ll pay a lot less than if you buy stuff that’s out of season.  Right now you’ll see that you’ll pay less for oranges, broccoli, cauliflower, and grapefruit.  Depending on where you live, you will also see pineapples on sale during this time.

SO . . . these are just a few of the awesome deals I’m finding.  I’ve also seen lots of stuff for sale at Sports Authority and other sporting goods stores too.  It doesn’t hurt to look for coupons too, because you can usually stack coupons on top of sale prices.  Sweet!  If you need something to help with your resolution this year, now’s the time to get it.  Or, if you just want some new stuff, grab it now.

What awesome deals are you finding this month?  Please share with the rest of us.  We could all use the advice and extra help to get and/or stay healthy!


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