Friday Feature – Half Marathon Bliss

Half Marathon Bliss_2014-6 | Mimi's Fit Foods

Last weekend was fun times!  I ran a Half Marathon down one of my most favorite canyons.  That alone, usually calls for bliss.  However, this year called for more bliss.  In addition to running with some of my favorite running buddies, my brother joined me for his very first half!  This is utterly amazing and special, folks!

Why you might ask?  Well, this cool dude took a serious turn towards a healthy lifestyle and over the last year or so, he has dropped nearly 200 pounds and he can run like the wind!  He eats incredibly healthy, watches portion sizes like a hawk, and he exercises like a champion.

With his permission, he has allowed me to share his Before-After photo.  A.Maze.Ing!  Need I say more?

Half Marathon Bliss_2014-4

So, needless to say, this Half Marathon was indeed a blissful one for more than one reason.

True to form, this half marathon started bright and early.  Race time was at 6am, and we loaded the busses at 4:30am to be taken to the drop-off point in the canyon.  It was still dark when we got there.

Half Marathon Bliss_2014-1 | Mimi's Fit Foods

Race day is always soooo much more fun when I’m in good company.


Half Marathon Bliss_2014-2 | Mimi's Fit Foods

Here I am with my sister-in-law, Becca and one of my best friends, Jen. I love these girls. They totally rock!


Half Marathon Bliss_2014-3 | Mimi's Fit Foods

Here I am at the start line with my bro. As you can see, the scenery is gorgeous. Which, makes the run that much more enjoyable!

I ran with my brother throughout the entire race.  We ran the whole way and only stopped at a few of the aid stations for water.  Here we are at mile 9-ish.  We had some family members come to cheer us on.  While they only saw us for a minute, seeing their faces and hearing their cheers was a nice re-charge for us!

Half Marathon Bliss_2014-5 | Mimi's Fit Foods

After crossing the finish line, I was so excited to see two of my most greatest supporters!  My hubby has given up so many Saturday mornings so that I can get my long runs in.  Trust me; this is a huge sacrifice for him.

Half Marathon Bliss_2014-7 | Mimi's Fit Foods

And, my little angel has often times spent more time in the jogging stroller than she would ever care for.  They are both troopers and I’m lucky to have their support!

Half Marathon Bliss_2014-8 | Mimi's Fit Foods

Seriously!  I had such a great time.  One of my most memorable 13.1 miles ever.  We’re all committing to do it again next year.  Come join us!  We would love to have you.  You have a year to get ready.  No excuses!


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