Hearty Chili Over Potatoes

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!  As mentioned in my last post, we ate our fair share of chili.  Are any of you sitting at home with leftover chili like I am?  Well, if so . . . here is a GREAT way to use it (if not, make some chili just so you can use it like this . . . it’s worth it)!

I love to pour leftover chili over potatoes.  You can either steam your potatoes (as pictured here), or you can use baked potatoes.  Either method works well and provides delicious results.

The beauty of this meal is that everyone can have their correct portion size.  I like to set up this meal in a potato bar fashion.  That way, everyone can take the portion size they need and include the toppings they want.  I’ve pictured my favorite combination above:  Potatoes, Chili, Reduced Fat Cheese, Light Sour Cream, and Green Onions.  Deeeeeelish!

I suppose I don’t need to mention, but will anyways, how easy and fast this meal is to throw together – especially if you’re using leftovers!  And, if you don’t want to make chili, Wendy’s sells chili and it’s pretty darn tasty and not all that bad for you.  (The calories listed below are figured using the small chili from Wendy’s).

I will say, from a nutritionist point of view, this is better suited for lunch if you’re trying to lose.  However, it works well for dinner if you use the appropriate portion sizes (or if you’re just maintaining your weight).

I hope you enjoy your chili leftovers like I know I am going to enjoy mine!

Hearty Chili Over Potatoes

1 small red potato, cooked (see text above)
1 cup of chili (make your own or buy from Wendy’s – see text above)
1 tablespoon light sour cream
1/2 tablespoon reduced fat cheese
1 tablespoon green onions

Place potato on a plate.  Top with chili, sour cream, reduced fat cheese, and green onions.  Serve & enjoy!

Serves 1.

Nutritional Information
Calories:  357.6
Protein:  23.5
Carbs:  45.6
Fat:  9.8g (4.8g)
Fiber:  8.5g
Sugars: 8.2


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